One of the first ever books of its kind in Astrology, filled with more than 250 real life images explaining the basic traits of each of 12 Houses of Astrological Chart. A book which will embed the fundamental of House ( key construct in Astrology) in a pictorial format which you will never forget.

This book will cover - 


1. A fundamental (and new) explanation of what House, how it relates with other two basics of Astrology i.e. Planets and Signs

2. Multiple classification and grouping of the 12 Houses\Bhaav

3. How a House energies affects Planets and Signs

4. Detailed Pictorial understanding of each of the 12 houses

5. A method of connecting each house with other houses e.g. How does 5th House affect 10th House

  • All this presented with a visual treat so you not only read Astrology but See it and Feel it and relate everyday activities easily with Astrology



Releasing April 30 - Will be delivered within 10 days of launch

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