One of the first ever books of its kind in Astrology, filled with more than 350 real life images explaining the basic characteristics of each of 9 planets used in Astrology. The key basic of Astrology i.e. Planets and its significators explained in Visual format. This book will cover - 


1. New explanation of 3 basic constructs of Astrology (House, Planets and Signs)

2. Differences between Planet, Sign and House

3. Importance of Each of Dominant Planet and how they impart characteristics to Human beings

4. Important behaviorial traits of each planet, Physical characteristics, Food Habits, Physcial and Mental diseases and possible preventive actions

5. The book will provide ability to relate day to day life and activities with Astrology and Planets


All this presented with a visual treat so you not only read Astrology but See it and Feel it  


Pre Booking - Launching April 10. Will be delivered in 7 days from Pre booking

Picture Astrology - Planets (Pre-Booking)


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