One of the first ever books of its kind in Astrology, filled with more than 300 real life images explaining the basic traits of each of 12 zodiac signs. This book will cover - 


1. New explanation of 3 basic constructs of Astrology (House, Planets and Signs)

2. Fundamentals of 5 elements and their corelation with each Signs.

3. How a element imparts its properties to a Sign

4. How to see each Zodiac Sign in real life with pictures -

  • Behavior pattern of each sign
  • How to identify a dominant sign with Physical appearance
  • Likes and dislikes of sign - Food, Places, Professions, Area of interests, Body Parts, Possible ailments etc. 

All this presented with a visual treat so you not only read Astrology but See it and Feel it. The main aim is to help you visualize the Signs in daily life.


Pre-booking - Launching Mar 30. Will be delivered within 7 days of launch

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