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Astrology Signs and Weight Gain

In last post we saw the basic nature of Astrology Signs based on their element i.e. Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Based on the basic nature of the elements we will see how each group reacts to weight gain or weight loss.

Fire Sign - We know that Fire signs have basic nature of Transformation from one state to another. Fire signs usually have strong physique and this group find it easy to gain as well as lose weight (remember transformation from one state to another is the basic trait of Fire sign).

Water Sign - We know that Water signs have basic nature of nurturing and swelling. Water signs are one sign which find it very easy to gain weight. The weight they gain is mostly the soft and chubby fat. Which goes well with their watery soft tendency. They find it difficult to shed the weight though.

Air Sign - We saw that air signs have basic tendency to dry up things. Wet clothes would dry up in air and lose weight. This is the group of folks who find it most difficult to gain weight. They generally have a sticky or slender body type (seems like a boon in today's world).

Earth Sign - We know that earth has basic tendency of inertia i.e. keeping things in same state. Earth is also the most tangible and solid among the elements. So Earth signs gains weight slowly but their weight is not flabby and chubby like water sign but rather stout with full shoulders and broad physique. In the same way it is difficult for Earthy signs to lose weight.

Each of the four elements consists of 3 signs (so total 12 signs). Each sign has individual tendency towards weight based on their planetary lord etc. We will look deeper in to each sign and their weight tendency in coming articles.

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