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Qualities of Sign - Gemini

Gemini is a Dual and Airy Sign

Lungs represents this environment in best way.

Air goes to-and-fro through Lungs. There is no straight passage (Active Sign) or Stability (Fixed Sign) for Air. So no wonder Lungs comes under the Gemini sign.

Every time we speak air goes out of our mouth which was supplied by Lungs. So though the human voice is Taurus but Communication skills are Gemini. In fact many musical and sound equipments require Air flow to operate which functions as per Gemini.

Communication in any form and shape is Gemini. People with Gemini dominated are fond of conversing in all forms.

One of the most “Keen” and “Mental” sign of the zodiac. With Observation power to discern and intellectual ability but with short attention span. Not persistent or headstrong but easy going, quick witted. So this sign likes Reading, Writing, Short Stories, Quick essays (Not PhD or Thesis).

Couple this with the symbol of Gemini which is a man and woman side by side. This is the first sign of “Kama” i.e. desire. Couple this with communication and you get flirting, teasing and bantering, which these folks are very fond of.

On Physical level folks dominated by Tall and straight in stature, usually on the skinnier side. This is one sign which finds difficult to gain weight and they can eat plenty without adding any fat.

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