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Meaning of House - Bhaav

Every Astrology enthusiasts knows that there are three basic building blocks of Astrology i.e.

  1. House,

  2. Signs and

  3. Planets


Most of the intricate details of Astrology revolved around the deep understanding of these three  basics and their interaction with each other.

Typically a house is defined as the area of life e.g. First house defines self, fourth house the mother, home, landed property etc. Similar signification are attached with Planets and Signs also. It is always suggested to look at holistically all the significations.


However, one thing very different about House which differentiates it from other Astrological aspect is that a House has no dual significations. Planets and Signs have Natural as well as temporal signification e.g. Sun naturally represents Father but for Taurus Ascendant Sun will represent Mother also (because Sun will be lord of 4th house for Taurus Ascendant). Same is applicable for Rashis or Signs as well.


However the Houses have same meaning in every horoscope. First house or tenth house or any house signify same things in every Horoscope. So the first thing which differentiates Houses from other two Astrology basics is that House is singular and has no duality. Duality sets in from Signs and Planets onwards.

Also if we see most of the classic books used the word “Bhaav” for a House. “Bhaav” is the Sanskrit word and literally means – Emotions or Thoughts. Emotions are the most basic and most intangible entity which causes the world around us to exist. It is said that the manifested world is nothing but imagination or dream of the all powerful un-manifested God.

The creation started with an intangible Thought or imagination or feeling of the un-manifested. Then it took physical forms and shapes in terms of tangible entities which are represented by Signs and Planets.

PS – Article inspired from book - Picture Astrology – House - Bhaav

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