"He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool"

Hippocrates - The Father of modern medicine

Yet in today's world Astrology is considered a superstition among most of the population and especially the educated class.


In the Vedic era everyone used to know basics of Astrology and it was used in a scientific way by individuals in daily life. Basic understanding of this framework of life was commonly understood knowledge rather than specialized knowledge known only to few.

Our mission is to present this ancient wisdom in such a way that it becomes easy to learn, remember and use everyday and also to bring about more insights and forgotten details which becomes obvious when we start visualizing astrology.

About Us - 

We belong to the traditional Brahmin family who has roots in Rajasthan (Parsoli Village Near Chittorgarh). 

Our grand parents and great grand parent's were Priests and Astrologers.

Late Shri. Sadashiv Ji Tiwari - Head Priest and Astrologer in the Princely state in MP

Late Shri Ranchhodhlal Pandit - Priest and devoted to "karm-kand" - Lived a life of Sanyaasi in Grihasth Jeevan

Through this portal we strive to bring Practical Vedic Astrology knowledge assembled through generations and primarily written in vernacular language to the modern world.

"Ramaiti iti Ramam...The One who resides in every particle is Ram"

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