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Personal Vedic Astrology Handbook

One of the best use of Astrology is to explore and understand your chart. Your Life's experience in any field (relationships, profession, personal, monetary etc.) all have deep clues in your Astrology chart. 

What will Report Contain -

We offer a personalized Vedic Astrology hand book; which will give details (positives and negative aspects) of every planetary placement in your chart from Vedic Astrology point of view. 

      1. Basic Vedic Astrology details (Your Horoscope, Moon Sign, Sun Sign)
      2. Dates of Maha Dashas
      3. Interpretation of every Planetary placement as per Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology considers Sun, Moon,   Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node). (It does not consider Pluto, Neptune and Uranus)
      4. For example - Report will include how does Jupiter's placement affects your personality, relations to children etc. This way interpretation for all planets will be given.
      5. These interpretation are based on years of knowledge and research

Sample Report - This is an example with dummy data (no personal data) of a example report which will give you much closer understanding of what to expect in report - 

What this Report Does not contain - 

It is important to learn what this report is not. Although it will have indications of good or challenging time such as good time for professional growth etc. (wherever applicable) but It is not going to have any fatal or negative predictions. It is also not a full horoscope analysis but attempt to understand yourself through Astrology (not just as basis of Moon/Sun Sign but on the basis of every single placement of your chart).

Price - Given the current circumstances we are offering this on "Pay as you like" basis. 


Or please use "Donate/Payment" link to use Paypal / Credit/Debit card to pay an amount what you are fully comfortable with. 

After making payment please fill in form below and submit. 

How to order
1. Pay an amount you are comfortable with using "Donate" link above
2. Read the Terms and Conditions (Given below)
3. Fill the form given below after step 1 and step 2

Terms and Conditions - 
We will not provide any fatal predictions (e.g. death etc.) as it can have much negative effect on psyche.
However the report will give overview of general good and challenging times and suggestions such as possible great year for relationship or year where you should invest carefully etc.
However Picture Astrology will not be legally liable for any action which you may take based on this reading / report,

Delivery Expectation - With current volume we would provide you report within 20-30 days (email)

Why "Pay as you like"?  - Given the current challenging situation we are offering it you in a way that money does not become a concern. You can choose to really pay whatever you like (and are really comfortable with).

Thank you! Your Report Will be Delivered Soon

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