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In this book you will find true fundamentals of House, Signs and Planets.

Some of the specific questions we will answer - -

  • Basics of House (Bhav), Sign (Rashi) and Planets (Grah)
  • How to view basic qualities of House, Sign, Planets in daily life
  • Why are Signs called as "Rashi" - Relationship of Rashi with Rahu and Ketu
  • Why Rahu+Shiki(Ketu) are combined to name as - "Rashi" to Signs
  • Understanding of Elements, how they manifested and why they are relted to signs in a particualr way
  • What is true meaning of Karka
    • Why does 7th House from Venus show your wife
    • Why does 5th House from Jupiter show your kids
  • Details and understanding such as -
    • What is inherent energies of a House
    • Why is 11th house considered malefic (even though it is house of gains)
    • Why is a planet debilitated in a particualr sign
    • Why is a planet exalted in a particualr sign
    • Why Sun represents your Soul
    • Why is Jupiter's MoolTrikona sign Sagittarius and not Pisces
    • Why is a planet exalted in a particualr sign
    • Why are Fire signs related to Dharama (Duty)
    • How does day and night on other planets affect their properties.
    • How does 2 sunrise happen on Venus in a day
    • What is true meanings of House (Bhav) including division such as Phan-Phara,Apoklima,Tri-Shad-Aay etc.
    • What is seed and plant relationship between houses
  • How does true understanding of basics can help understand deeper concepts -
    • Why Trine lord in Cardinal or vice versa is better than Trine lord in Trine and Cardinal lord in cardinal
    • Which reference to use - Moon or Ascendant

and much more ....

Basics of House, Signs, Planets

  • File Type PDF

    # of pages - 215

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