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What is Mars in Astrology

Mars is anything which causes Anger and Bile in our body...

Mars is the energy to get things done. Not the discipline to complete a work because that is Saturn but the energy, the muscle power, the drive and enthusiasm to work and achieve something in life ..

Thus Mars is quite ambitious and so are the folks dominated by Mars...

Mars shows our brother\sisters\siblings...

Mars is the Landed property...without a strong Mars in horoscope a person cannot have or enjoy a large estate. If Mars is weak and malefic in your chart then a person gets home very late in life.. on the contrary if Mars is well positioned and benefic, a person gets a lot of land as well profit from land related activities (buy\sell etc.)

Mars is Anger... All the hormones in body which cause sudden rage are directly related with Mars...

Mars rules over Blood (especially the RBC - Red Blood cells of the body. The fluid in blood is ruled by Moon)... A malefic Mars can cause injuries, cuts and accidents...

Mars operates in a sudden way (unlike Saturn which works slowly). Thus Mars can give sudden gains from land, sudden accidents, sudden anger\rage etc.

Mars rules over Hot taste.. people with strong Mars affecting second house loves to eat hot food...

Mars is many many things.. like it rules over Red fruits e.g. Pomegranate, Tomato etc.

Mars is a fighter... Mars is energy... all sportsman involving physical stamina should have good Mars..and if that Mars is afflicted they get involved in brawls and fights (another Mars thing)

Mars is many more things in life... but in general if you are looking at something energetic, full of energy, masculinity, sudden rage etc. than more often than not you are facing Martian energy ...

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