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Why is Mars Exalted in Capricorn – A sign ruled by Saturn

This article was originally written by me in Oct 2013 ...

Exaltation is very interesting phenomena, especially considering that two extremely important planets Jupiter and Mars gets exalted in their enemy signs.

Mars and Saturn are enemy planets to each other and Mars – Saturn combination (conjuction etc.) is considered quite inauspicious, then why does Mars gets exalted in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. For this we need to clearly understand what does planet Mars and Sign Capricorn stands for.

But first look at what exaltation of planet means -

Planet can be compared with humans (to understand its properties). Every human has an innate nature so does a planet has innate nature. A sign is an environment that brings out certain qualities or modifies gives direction to innate qualities of a planet. Exaltation means that the planet is disposed to give its best possible results. The tendency of the planet (due to the environment it is in) is to give the best possible outcome as per its innate nature ( and temporary nature which occurs due to lordship of different houses).

Mars is a fiery male planet. It shows physical Energy, power to get something accomplished, manliness, anger and even cruelty. Mars is the chief of army, its innate nature is very ambitious and wants to rule everyone around it. Mars is the energy which gets things done in physical world. Now characteristics of signs can be understood by following factors – Element, Nature and Sign lord.

Capricorn is an earthy and moveable sign. Earthy plus Moveable i.e. places of earth where lots of activities takes place. Play grounds, battle ground, work place can be some example of this. Being the 10th sign of zodiac it also represents general qualities of 10th house i.e. it is the sign of accomplishments in the physical world. So the environment of Capricorn is conducive for Mars to accomplish its physical desires. But the sign is owned Saturn - most discipline loving planet of all.

So with Mars in Capricorn – A person full of energy and ambitions is kept in an environment of worldly accomplishments with the strict discipline of Saturn. Saturn’s discipline keeps a healthy check on Martian energy and prevents it from losing its way. It is like keeping your adolescent kid in discipline to help his energies to be applied in constructive tasks and keep him from bad company :) ..… So the martian energy accomplishes great deal in physical world which Mars wants to do at first place. Which means Mars gives best possible results in accordance with its own innate nature and so is called Exalted :) ..…

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