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Sign Rising from Back - Prishthodaya

Signs rising from Back – “Prishthodaya” Sign

Among many qualities assigned to a Sign, one which are very rarely used and talked about is How the signs rise. All ancient classics have divided Signs as –

  1. Head Rising - Shirshodaya

  1. Back Rising – Prishthodaya

There are many qualities assigned to rising direction which are useful in prediction especially in Horary.

Most of the modern books interpret this as Signs rising from Head which means when the sign rises in the heads of the sign appears first and then the rest of the body.

Signs rising from back is interpreted as feet or tail rising first and then rest of body till head.

Example –

Leo is a sign which rises from Head (Shirshodaya) –

Aries rises from Back and modern books interpret it as rising “tail first”. i.e.

However this seems wrong. Correct way of rising with Back would be like this –

This can be clear when we look at another back rising sign e.g. Sagittarius

It is known First Half of Sagittarius is Human (two footed) and Second half of Sagittarius is Four Footed. Also Sagittarius is a Horse with Human head.

For a back-rising sign this is only possible when it rises like leg spread out towards space –

So the rising from back signs actually looks like sleeping from earth.

Similar is the case with Capricorn which is a sign with first half (face and legs of Ram) but second half that of crocodile or fish.

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