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Qualities of Sign – Leo

Leo is Fixed and Fiery Sign.

A Lion is Leo’s Symbol which is King of Animal Kingdom and similarly Leo is the King of the zodiac. And naturally it is ruled by the King among Planets i.e. the Sun.

Leo has all the qualities of King – ambitious, generous and many times love of sycophancy.

We know that basic nature of Fire is to TRANSFORM from one to another state. Leo is fixed i.e. Immovable fire. This is like the cooking top or heat used for cooking food which is stable and fixed and turns Raw food in Cooked Meal. Leo represents stomach, which is said to contain digestive “fire”; another fixed form of fire which digests the food eaten by mouth transform into various forms. A strong Leo therefore can suggest good digestive system.

Persons born under Leo have majestic appearance. Like Lion they have broad shoulders, bilious (hot) constitution and bold. Fire signs usually have less hair especially in middle age.

Typically, Aries man lose hair from sides whereas Leo does from the sides as well as center making the forehead appear quite broad.

Lion being a carnivorous animal have large Canine teeth. Leo’s generally have a round face and straight hairs. One typical feature is that they walk with their face upwards and look around like a Lion.

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