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Qualities of Sign - Libra

Libra is Active Sign with Air element

As we know the basic effect of Air on objects is to DRY them. Especially Libra as it is a moving Air. Water is emotions whereas Dryness –indicate a practical and pragmatic approach.

Being the Moving Air, Libra is the most practical, devoid of emotional bias and businesslike sign. This practical mindset makes libra most suitable to do business and similar activities.

Only a person who is not emotionally inclined and relies on hard facts can be a good judge – No wonder the “lady justice” (the idol of justice in courts) is basically the symbol of Libra.

We also know wet clothes weigh more whereas dry clothes are quite light. So typically natives with strong Libra are usually Slim and do not put on undue weight. They possess even body and look young. Women with Libra rising usually have perfect contours and wheatish complexion.

Being an Active sign, Libra loves activities but it is not as rash and quick as Aries ( Active Fiery sign) and also not as emotional as Cancer (Water Active Sign) rather Libra even in hectic activity shows a calm and balance face (Scale is the symbol of Libra). Venus is the lord of the sign which makes it one of the most suave signs.

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