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Qualities of Sign - Aquarius

Aquarius is the Fixed Airy Sign

The symbol of Aquarius is water bearer – A man holding water pot and in Vedic cultures simply a water vessel. Like a water pot which holds water and quenches thirst of people and Aquarius in pure form holds philosophical knowledge and has produced some the greatest teachers, writers and mystics who nurture others through their philosophical, social or spiritual storehouse of knowledge.

In Sanskrit language Aquarius is named as “Kumbha” which literally means a pot to hold something (primarily a container of water).

In Yoga, the breathing exercises typically follow a pattern of Breathe in – Hold – Breathe Out – Hold – Breath in. In this cycle the holding of the breath is called “Kumbhak” – from where the name of this sign is derived in Vedic culture. The practice of holding breath is essential for higher concentration of mind, stabilizing the life forces in body and awaking higher consciousness. The Sign Aquarius represents these qualities when placed well in a horoscope. Great mystic and yogi “Ram Krishna Paramhansa” had a very powerful Aquarius rising in his chart.

Aquarius are very friendly and intelligent folks who get along easily however they have tendency to get irritated and angry on small things but would calm down soon as well. They make good friends and are always happy to help others. They are always fair to even their enemies and never try to harm anyone’s interest (including people who do wrong to them)

Aquarians are devoted lovers – they are true in love to their friends, husband or wives. The word platonic love must have been coined with Aquarius sign in mind. They are capable of selfless love like no other sign.

Being an Airy sign they are generally tall and lean and do not have tendency to put on weight (watery and earthy signs have tendency of weight gain the most and in same order). There appearance is usually attractive and elegant.

Though not as perfect in contours as say Libra, women of this sign have fairly attractive appearance. Their lips are generally a bit reddish, cheeks are a bit broad and they have prominent temples and buttocks.

Also people highly dominated by this sign have a face structure which somewhat resembles Copper water pot.

Physically they can be mistaken as Gemini as their height is comparable to Gemini natives and also skin tone is somewhat similar, though Gemini skin is bit more uniform and slightly darker. Though tall and lean the body structure of Aquarius is not as skinny as Gemini. Also mentally Aquarius are much more mature and stable. They can also be mistaken by other Airy sign Libra, though Libra has a slightly fairer skin, have lesser height than Aquarius.

So far we have seen higher representations of Aquarius however it is also highest sign of Kama (Desire) triangle so when afflicted it can show most depraved behavior as well. An afflicted Aquarius shows cheap sensual gratification and even group activities involving such behavior. Toddy shops, shops which are not kept clean, looks untidy, which are frequented by un-scrupulous people are also the domain of Aquarius sign.

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