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Qualities of Sign – Capricorn

Capricorn is the Active Earth Sign

We know that basic nature of Earth element is inertia i.e. remain in the state as is without change. However Capricorn is opposite to the “no change” nature of Earth sign. This makes it the peak of Physical signs and shows areas where physical activities are highest – work place, factories, workshops etc.

Capricorn (like Sagittarius) has a hybrid mythical creature “Seagoat”as its symbol. The first part of the Capricorn is like a Ram (like Aries) whereas as the second part is that of a Crocodile. They are two very distinct creatures, one primarily work on land, climbs mountains and is an actively aggressive animal, whereas second primarily belongs to water, is slow and steady in movement and passively aggressive.

The combination of these two produces an entity which is extremely versatile, resourceful and fully equipped to succeed in Physical life. The primary inspiration of the sign is to succeed in material world. It can find its way through virtually any situation of life by being naturally skilled on both ground and water.

The first half of sign is Ram or Goat and Second half is Alligator. Rams are vegetarian species whereas Crocs are carnivore and same trait is predominant with people born in first half (Ram) versus the second half (Crocodile).

People born in this sign are very Practical and do very well in business settings where hard core profit and loss matters more rather than philosophical (airy) or emotional (water) setup.

People born here invariably applies all means to rise high in life. If the sign is afflicted they may work in labor intensive jobs but even in corporate world they are most hard working folks. Most of the times they are quite frugal with money and know how to make most of every penny.

Persons born in this sign are generally have tall and lean body type yet quite fleshy (not sticky like Gemini). Their complexion is reddish-brown and hair are generally coarse and stiff. Hair on the eye-brows and the chest also follow the same pattern. This sign gives a larger head and a broad face with large teeth and prominent nose.

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