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Qualities of Sign – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a Dual Fiery Sign

Its symbol is Centaur – a mythological creature who has upper body of human and lower body of a horse.

A fire torch symbolizes the “dual fire”. Torch was primarily used to light up the darkness of the night and used to be carried in hands from one place to another to search objects or wave as signals. Similarly Sagittarius is deeply related to seeking of knowledge and showing path to others. Many intellectuals, religious leaders who have bestowed light of knowledge to world belong to this sign.

The first half of the sign is Human and second half is quadruped sign. So people who are born in first half of the Sagittarius have more prominent human characteristics of this sign (i.e. interested in learning, philosophy, Dharma “Duty” etc.) and people born in second half of the sign have more prominent “Quadraped” or animal nature of this sign i.e. warrior, inventive, interested in police, army etc. Being a fiery and rising from backward sign also signifies that a person could be of restless nature and always smarter in hindsight.

A story about Centaur says that he has Bow and Arrow in his hands and used to fire the arrow in far-away places and then run to get that. This shows the curious and knowledge seeking nature of the sign. In fact Sagittarius is one of the most Philosophical and traditional knowledge seeking sign.

This story is also display of dual (to and fro) nature of the sign – Throwing arrow and getting back and also brings out the restless nature (seeking one thing after another) and lot of anxiety when their search does not yield fruitful results. A sense of callousness (or apathy) can also prevail and being fiery sign does not show much emotion.

We know that fire represents Dharama – Duty – something which is performed without deviation (pollution). And Sagittarius is the peak of Dharmic (duty) signs. They are the most dutiful sons and daughters.

One very special trait of Sagittarius is that they do not like any external show and in their speech also they are quite plain and honest (sometime even blunt) and many times can be misunderstood by others. Most Fiery signs are straight forward and talks without beating about bush, however Sagittarius are most honest and plain among them.

Those born in Sagittarius have an inclination for philosophy and occult studies. They can acquire great mastery in these subjects. They are humane and yet impulsive, while being very active and enterprising.

Being the peak of duty (Dharma sign), even an intimate relation like marriage can be treated as a duty towards society by them. So usually they may have strict control over their food and drinks and in regard to their relations with the opposite sex..

In late years they must be careful about their lungs as they are liable to suffer from rheumatic pains and the like. They are too conventional, loves traditions and go to great extent to preserve conservative views

Persons born in this sign are generally inclined towards corpulence but strong built (its human plus horse). They possess almond eyes and generally brown hair.

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