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Qualities of Sign – Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed watery sign

There is a saying in Sanskrit which means “flowing water remains pure”. We know flowing water (active water) is Cancer which are like flowing rivers. However water which is stuck typically forms a puddle where mud and other impurities can easily grow.

Scorpio is that sign – which shows environment where impurities can easily grow. No wonder moon is considered debilitated here.

We know from previous articles that Water signs represent emotions. Active water (Cancer) lets emotions flow without hindrance i.e. they are very expressive. A fixed water sign on the contrary do not let their emotions let out. They keep their feelings to them-selves. And often due to this stagnation negative thoughts (anger, revenge, hate etc.) can easily grow in this environment. Scorpio is indeed the sign which believes that “Revenge is a recipe best served cold”.

On the positive sign, since they keep their emotion hold up, they have the ability to look very deep in the subconscious mind. No other sign possess the ability to look within as much as Scorpio. So a well placed Scorpio produces great mystics, occultist, astrologers etc.

A Scorpio which contains sting and poison in its tail is the symbol of this sign. Which goes well with its fixed nature. They do not fight upfront (like Aries) but they hit you back later (sting in the tail). All poisonous creatures who sting from tail come under Scorpio ruler ship.

Physically since this is a sign ruled by Mars, Scorpio natives have a strong built and good height. They can sometime have strange mystic attraction. However they are never “beautiful” or “handsome” in the normally accepted terms.

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