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What is Rahu and Ketu

What is Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node)

Today is the complete Lunar eclipse day so its great day to start a series on Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are not actual physical planets, they are even referred as “chhaya grah” or shadow planets. However they are actual mathematical points whose motion can be calculated. So lets see how the Rahu and Ketu (mathematical points) are made –

Rahu and Ketu are created due to relative motion of Sun, Moon and Earth.

  1. Earth revolves around Sun in elliptical orbit. That motion creates a Plane of Earth and Sun movement. Please see pic 1 and yellow highlight plane.

  2. Moon revolves around Earth in another smaller ellipse

  3. Both of these motion (Sun – Earth and Earth – Moon) are not in same plane. They are at an angle which varies with time. Due to this difference in angel Moon cuts the Plane of Sun – Earth at 2 points

  4. One when moon moves from below the Sun – Earth plane to upwards – This point is called Rahu

  5. Second time when Moon moves from above the Sun – Earth plane towards down - This point is called Ketu

So Rahu and Ketu are points in space where Sun, Moon and Earth would be same plane. When these 3 gets in the same line the eclipse occurs.

This basic understanding of Rahu – Ketu formation can shade light to very important secrets of Astrology and human life. We will see more in next articles.

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