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Aries Ascendant - Sun in First House (Sun in Aries)

Physique - Exalted Sun in first house gives a large square body, a lot of acid or high heat in body, less hair on head especially from center of head, they may even have problem of night vision and headaches

Nature - Very dominating personality, other soft planets must be well placed like Moon and Venus otherwise the domineering nature could be overpowering resulting in fights in family

Born with a lot of "Purva Punya" i.e. born to enjoy fruits of good past deeds. Born lucky and in great family.

Father - Father from high position in life,government official or otherwise. Father also of dominating nature and ego clashes can be a lot between father and kids. Because Lord of 10th House i.e. Father is Saturn and Saturn in enemy of both Mars (1st Lord) and Sun.

Person itself rises well in life. Can easily get Government post if Mars is well placed. Also being lord of 5th this position bestows highly creative nature.

Aspect of Sun on 7th house makes them dominating player in partnerships or marriage. However since 5th lord (love life) is Sun, they are attracted towards strong partners; someone who is confident and well accomplished otherwise they cannot respect them. But after all this, they want to dominate in the relationship :) ...

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