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Qualities of Sign - Taurus

Taurus is a Fixed and Earthy Sign.

Fixed- Something which shows minimal activity

Earthy – Related to Physical world and accumulation. Please see signs hierarchy.

Taurus sign shows activities which happen with minimal action.

Face has all the senses eyes, ears, mouth, nose sitting on it. It accumulates (Physical) everything from these five senses but the face itself has a little movement (Fixed). i.e. eyes capture the entire world (without much movement), Ears hear all the sound (without any visible physical movement), nose smells everything (without any physical movement), mouth eats food (fed by hands but again without much movement). Face perfectly symbolized the function of Taurus – accumulation without much effort.

No wonder Taurus folks are most chilled out and fun loving people.

The Bull symbol of Taurus and Venus as lord gives a strong yet pleasant personality. They have broad shoulders and broader body cage much like Bull and also great Physical endurance again (Bull). They walk slowly and elegantly, usually never in hurry but when gets angry gets angry like a bull

Taurus woman have one of the most beautiful face however body tend to be stout.

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