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Qualities of Sign – Cancer

Cancer is Active and Watery sign – like a river flowing

A Crab is Cancer Symbol. Crabs usually have 10 legs and walk sideways. They are not as physically strong and aggressive like quadruped signs of Taurus or Leo but rather quite adjusting (10 legs) and willing to move sideways.

A mature crab has a hard shell and they molt periodically i.e. they shed their hard shell which grows again in sometime. During the time a new shell strengthens again, crabs remain quite vulnerable to predators.

In the similar way Cancer dominated people go through cycles where they appear strong from outside but that shell is often broken and they go through a phase of deep vulnerability. In any case their inner core is always soft and being a watery sign their inherent nature is soft, emotional and accommodating.

Crabs usually have two antennas on top of their head, symbolizing their great receptivity and awareness especially to emotional stimuli. They have both lungs and gills which make them very adjusting and able to survive on land as well as under water. Also like water takes shape of any vessel it is put in Cancer shows this trait in everyday life with their amazing ability to adapt to any condition.

Though Cancer are sensitive, emotional and adaptable like water, they are also very active personalities, like a flowing river.

Like a flowing river, Cancer also likes to be active. Even if they love home and like to stay home also but they usually remain active in home, doing something or the other. Cancer loves the expansion like water - move forward, do new things, accomplish new endeavors yet remain sensitive.

Like a flowing river goes around obstacles, rocks and still finds a way, Cancer meets challenges in life not with a brute force to destroy the challenge but works around obstacles to keep moving forward.

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