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Free will and Destiny in Astrology

“If you are born in Human Form, You definitely have some free will”

There is always a lot of debate about Free Will and Destiny in the Astrological circle. Everyone questions if everything is destined than what is the benefit of Astrology etc. etc.

“Taittiriya Upnishada” – which is one of the most revered Upnishada (derived from Vedas) clearly states the different levels of consciousness among living being on Earth and beyond. Everything in the world consists of consciousness in varying degrees.

At a high level living beings are classified as per hierarchy of consciousness as –

  1. Mineral World – Including stones, metals, ores etc. – Least Consciousness (Prana), Maximum Inertia (Matter)

  2. Vegetable World – Reproduction, inner activity, no motion

  3. Animal Species – Everything upto Vegetable world + Motion, instinctive actions triggered by emotions (thirst, hunger, fear, sex)

  4. Human Being – Everything upto Animal species + Action governed by Discrimination but bound by Physical body (This is where free will comes in)

  5. Regions of Superhuman Consciousness– This includes various levels of consciousness which is not discussed extensively here but given only for a quick snap shot e.g. –

  • Pitra Loka – Freedom from Hunger etc.

  • Dev Loka – Free to choose shape and grossness as per will etc.

  • Prajapati Loka, Brahma Loka and Para Brahma Loka

The very fact that we are born as Humans means we have faculty of “discrimination” and we are not bound only by the instinctive nature (like animals or below species). This discriminating faculty, this ability to see good from bad, choose right

from wrong is the Free will, which Humans are endowed with.

So every Human being, has some degree of free will for sure. The level of free will and areas in which that can be used is dependent on individual Karma which can be understood by Astrology.

As a general rule, as you move towards higher houses of Horoscope the level of free will generally increases e.g.

  1. You will have very little control over things like - where you are born, how you are born, family you are born in, your body type, complexion, your siblings etc. i.e. matters related to houses 1, 2 and 3.

  2. As you move upwards e.g. profession you want to choose or change to – (Houses 10, 11) – people have more free will

  3. Free will is also directly proportional to consciousness, the more conscious and more evolved you are, the more free will you can exert (more on this later)….

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